Food Retailers

As you may know the majority of supermarkets now sell gluten-free products. Tesco sell a good range of products from bread to curries, they all so make their own range 'free from, Tesco.' Asda also sell a good range of food, including Cherry Bakewells which I would recommend. Sainsbury’s have grown in there gluten free range which has increased significantly over the years. Waitrose has brilliant aisles full of gluten free products. The staff is very helpful and helps you find the right thing for you. Morrison’s also have begun to introduce gluten free products. Remember the ranges are ever growing; placing an idea to a company is a great idea to see what you want on our shelves.  

The co-op

The co-op has managed to amaze me as it is has now introduced free from foods into even the smallest of their stores. Even though the range may not be as large as the usual supermarkets it is still impressive for its size. The range is normally located in a seperate on the end of the long aisles.

When going out always ask whether the restaurant has a gluten free menu, most places now have a seperate gluten free menu

Most local shops have a free from range which is perfect for picking up a few gluten free essentials - uk only

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