Restaurants & Cafe's

Here are some restuarants & cafe's I've been to and recommend:



Marbella- Celicioso

Celicioso is a chain of 4 gluten free bakerys all over spain. The bakery is 100% gluten free with vegan options as well. The feel of the place is so chilled and you can grab and go with great little gluten free finds. The super strong smoothies are guaranteed to knock away and hangover especially if you've been out all night in Marbella or Ibiza! A very strongly recommended gluten free bakery!



Quayside- Fish 'n' chips restuarant





Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire

Burnt Gate-restuarant


Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Andy's Fish Bar- Fish Bar




Lyme Regis- Aroma

Aroma is a small café with a great vibe to it. They can cater for coeliacs as well as lactose free diets. All of their soups are naturally gluten and lactose free. The tomato & basil soup is delicious & creamy, both gluten free croutons & bread are also served with the soup. There are many gluten free cakes including; orange polenta cake, rocky roads and cute cupcakes. There is also a play area suitable for younger children.



Axminster-  River Cottage

River Cottage is based on a cottage theme. Their ranges of gluten free meals are fab. Their deli also provides gluten free pasties . Local produce consist of beer, wine, cheese and meat is also sold. The main course consisted of hammered pork leg, chunky chips with a sprinkle of Cornish sea salt and a portion of salsa verde.



Denstone- Denstone Hall Farm Shop

The ever expanding shop & cafe doesn't just grow in size but also grows in its gluten free range. The shop, which makes its own bread and other various produce, has also managed to produce gluten free loaves which look delicious.They also sell biscuits, crackers, flour and much more for coeliacs.



Canary Wharf- Leon

Leon is an amazing fast food restaurant with a twist. They only serve healthy food! they have a wide range of gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and vegan options. There menus include burgers, meatballs, curries and chicken hot boxes. They also have a breakfast menu, In between menu and a Dinner menu.



Have you got any more restaurants or cafe's that do good gluten free meals? Please tell me about them.

When going out always ask whether the restaurant has a gluten free menu, most places now have a seperate gluten free menu

Most local shops have a free from. range which is perfect for picking up a few gluten free essentials - uk only

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