Symptoms for coeliac disease are easy to spot, most of the time, they can include: vomiting, failure to thrive, bloating, abdominal pains and constipation. If you are experiencing any or many of these symproms talk to ypur GP. Being diagnosed in the early stages of your life can be very fortunate since many people are diagnosed in their sixtys and seventys meaning that they endure this pain for a lot longer time period. Being diagnosed earlier also allows for you to come to grips with the challenges taht you have to overcome and how to spot the gluten in ingredient. Usually blood tests are needed to confirm whether you have coeliac disease, these can be administrated by specialists or doctors.

When going out always ask whether the restaurant has a gluten free menu, most places now have a seperate gluten free menu

Most local shops have a free from. range which is perfect for picking up a few gluten free essentials - uk only

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