My story

So here it is... my diagnosis story


It was around October 2008 when I started to get really sick and had to be pulled out of year 2, which was a real bummer because I missed around 2-3 months of a great part of my childhood. The pains came in quick and out of no where, I had been eating normally with a diet packed full of gluten for all of my life which had been 8 years at this time. We had also recently adopted Chilli and Pepper our two rescue cats which didn't help as we didn't know that I was highly allergic to them at this point. Anyway, at school I started to become very sick and was constantly in the nurses office complaining of severe stomach pains and had to be sent home on many occasions. Now this kept on happening since the start of the term (september) until the school and my parents concluded that it would just make more sense for me to stay at home. The pains in the bottom of my stomach were so incredibly painful that it got to the point that I couldn't wear trousers or anything else. So, there I was on the sofa wrapped loosely in a blanket wincing in pain as I also struggled to breathe, because of the cats! This continued for about 3 weeks until I couldn't handle it anymore and I was rushed to A&E, once there I continuously threw up and the doctors were completely baffled over my symptoms (this was back in 2008 so the recognition of the disease wasn't really there.) I stayed in A&E overnight and was given oxygen for allergic reaction to the cats. The next day I was discharged from the hospital as they couldn't conclude why I had all of these symptoms, so we as a family took charge and went to a private hospital and got a blood test to get tested for pretty much everything. It was the 23rd December 2008 when the test results came in through the post... that was the day I was diagnosed as a coeliac. Since then I have stuck firmly with the gluten free diet and my stats have decreased from 1387 to 5 from being diagnosed to June 2017.



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When going out always ask whether the restaurant has a gluten free menu, most places now have a seperate gluten free menu

Most local shops have a free from range which is perfect for picking up a few gluten free essentials - uk only

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