The new S4C blog

So I wanted to incorporate a new element into my website which I think will benefit a lot of people and will push my page in the direction I think that it should go... A Blog! The blog will be updated as often as possible and will share moments of my on going gluten free journey and will allow me to interact with my views and can even allow me to help with any problems with my first hand experience. Its really easy to find, just look up to the menu area at the top og my page and click on blog and youre ready to go!

My Story

I wanted to just share my story of my diagnosis which I hope may help some of you out there, whether it helps you know that you're not the only person out there going through this or that it helps someone with the same symptoms get the help that they need in order to get the correct help and get diagnosed... so enjoy and leave a comment if you want.  


Enjoy the wonderful homemade bakes. Ready for all the family to enjoy! Just click on the link to the Recipe Page and get baking!



Eating Out

Going away on holiday? Need some help for finding gluten free food? Check out the eating out page for reviews & locations to eat at.



Just been diagnosed?

Our coeliacs page can help you begin to understand the disese more clearly, look out for symptoms, tell you what's suitable for coeliacs & tell you what to do since you have been diagnosed.


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